Our Story

What if snacks and treats could be just as tasty and munching away all weekend isn't going to drown you in guilt?

We love snacking. In fact, our entire team loves to binge. We snack in between meals, after meals and take pleasure in stocking up the cabinet with munchies. However, satisfying those cravings can come with a hefty price. We are no stranger to battling with those extra pounds and reduced stamina.

We've finally got our act together and no, we are not going to give up on snacking. We will, however, choose to snack wisely.

We believe there are many just like us who aim to improve their current snacking habits, are choosing to be more health conscious and favour healthy, organic food products.

At Bienenstock, we'd love to share with our community - a range of healthy snacks that we've discovered and are proud to be an exclusive distributor of.

Happy munching away!


Bienenstock Team